Friday, April 17, 2009

He Only Had 2.5 Years...

...To Decide On The Color!

After the marathon visits and the antiques buying we are now moving onto tailors.

I have been telling Jeffrey to take advantages of the tailors here in China to have suits and/or shirts made but he needed some time to think (2.5 years!) on which style and color would suit him best. I guess at 80 yuans (€8/$10) for a tailor-made shirt, one should think hard before wasting one’s hard-earned cash. Don’t husbands know that wives are always right?

I hesitate... Blue or White, White or Blue?

Since we’ve been spending our morning surrounded by color and style for the 10+ handmade shirts, we decided to keep with the trend of the day and headed to the Contemporary Art Exhibition to finish the day in style!

Chinese Contemporary Art

My teacher's exhibit
Photographing Beijing today, Using old Polaroid