Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy To Meet...

...Sorry To Part

I love Expat life, not only because it had allowed me to live in extraordinary countries but because I got to meet amazing people.

I’m the kind of person who likes to live somewhere, not just pass by on a trip. I like the feeling, after a few weeks of living in a place that you can call it home. I’ve already talked about the fact that I never say I’m going back home when we go to France or the US for our annual leave, because for me home is where Jeffrey, Chloe, Jeremy and I are currently living. We are going to our house in France in the summer; our home is currently in Beijing and will be in Stavanger in a few months.

But what make the journey worthwhile it’s all the people you meet along the way. People I would have never met, not only because we would have lived in different countries but also because our paths wouldn’t have crossed even if we have lived down the street from each other. When you live abroad, away from your comfort zone, you tend to open outwards to people you wouldn’t have normally talked to (and I’m not saying that everybody likes everybody in our little world, of course) so I’m so thankful for meeting each and everyone through our different assignments so far.

I remember telling my very good friend Leith on our first expat in Buenos Aires that if our paths had crossed 10 years earlier we probably wouldn’t have talked to each other. I the tomboy, her the sorority sister… no way. Look what 10 years and a country can do!

But with the Expat’s life comes the goodbyes and that’s not my favorite part of the process…
At least we’ll have some memories together