Saturday, April 11, 2009



Another of our “it’s been on the list of thing-to-do so it’s now or never” outings a few nights ago.

With a history of more than three thousand years, Chinese acrobatics has been praised as “A pearl of Oriental art” and has won the nation the title of “Kingdom of Acrobatics”. Despite the advent of dazzling film shows and song-and-dance performances, acrobatic shows still shine as one of the brightest stars in Chinese culture.

To become a competent acrobat, students must begin training of the basic skills when they are only 6 of 7 years old. Because of the difficult and risky techniques employed in acrobatics, students must restrain themselves from a good deal of pains to obtain the gain. Two of the basic skills that the students must practice everyday are the handsprings and somersaults. Apart from somersaults and handsprings, waist and leg flexibility and headstands are the other basic skills students must master. The training is long, hard and intense, so each actor of the acrobat is seized of stunt.

Anybody wants to try?