Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Weekend...

...For The Suiter Girls

The Suiter girls (that’s Celine and Chloe) are celebrating their birthday this month, Celine’s the first one on the 3rd and Chloe will follow on the 20th. So in order to celebrate in style their last birthday in China; Chloe’s 9th and Celine’s 39th they are going on a trip just by themselves… no boys allowed!

Celine left a list of instructions. Make sure he:

  • Picks up his clothes, shoes, etc…and doesn’t scatter them everywhere in the apartment.
  • Eats healthy... There is fresh vegetable soup in the fridge.
  • Doesn’t fall asleep in front of the TV… i.e. goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

And you would think I would leave this note to Jeffrey the daddy when in fact this list was handed to Jeremy (the 4-year-old kid). The “he” in the list refers to Jeffrey of course since I know that my son already does all those things without being told!!


While we were doing this:

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They were doing this:
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