Friday, November 28, 2008

Tried And Tested For You...

...The Chinese Hairdresser

A couple of months ago I tried the local hairdresser. No, I didn’t go for a haircut, they wouldn’t know what to do with my kind of hair. I started slow with a wash, dry and brush: at 30-50 RMB (€3-5 or $5-7) for all that one would be foolish to restrain oneself!!!

First I needed to choose my hairdresser; so I pointed to the guy, as instructed by Violaine the expert in hair, who is the best at unruly hair. But she didn’t warn me about the special way of washing your hair they have here. So I had to go back to have an opportunity to take a picture.

Not one of my best picture!

And just like in the magazine makeover session, the before and after shot:

worthy of Vogue?

The length I go to write those posts is unbelievable.