Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Little Bit Of...


My photograph teacher had a solo exhibition opening today in one of the art district of Beijing.

We like to wander around the now internationally acclaimed 798 art district, but thanks to Lukas’ exhibit we’ve being introduced to a new lesser known art area.

I’ve already talked about 798 Art District in another post. Located in Dashanzi area, 798 was once home to the electronic industries, housing building constructed with help from the old Soviet Unions and designed but the former East Germany experts. What began with a cluster of young artists who set up camp in the abandoned workshop of a military electronics complex (Factory 798) on the fringes of the city has become the biggest arts area in China and earned great international acclaim in a spam of just two years.

Another new contemporary art district in northeast Beijing is the Caochangdi area, close to 798. It is a district that hosts national and international artists, arts organizations, galleries and design studios.

Jiuchang Art Complex, or Brewery Factory International Art Community is a newly rising art area in Beijing. It has developed since 2005 from the Chaoyang Brewery Factory, built in 1975. Though it's all one factory, Jiuchang comprises a number of small brick buildings. On the inside, it's pipe-free and freshly painted. Large outdoor sculptures line the main road, alongside an artificial lake

Songzhuang Art Community, a serene artists' village to the east of Beijing, Tongzhou District, is starting to being noticed. The community houses up-and-coming artists who live and work in rustic studios. The Songzhuang Art Community was established in 2003 in Songzhuang painter village of Beijing.

Lukas’ Junsui じゅんすい Secrets on Display II (玄色的秘密) is at Shi Tang Alternative Space at JiuChang (Liquor Factory).