Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day Has Finally...


零零七, LingLingQi, 007, James Bond …. whatever you want to call it, the latest extravaganza “Quantun of Solace” is being released in Cinemas throughout China today November 5, that’s a full 9 days before the USA (and 5 days after France –which with the UK and Sweden was where the film has been released first… yoohoo!!!). I’m guessing that by doing an early release they will try to beat the pirated versions of the movie invading the market before it’s in the theaters like for Casino Royale.

With Jeff we’ve decided NOT to wait until the weekend and the release of the DVD in Beijing (!) but splurge on a 70 rmb (that’s 7€ or $10) movie theater ticket (almost forgot what a movie theater looked like). Do you know how many movies we could have watched with that kind of money…. 140rbm get you almost 15 DVDs down here but that was money well spent.

We were expecting Chinese people talking all the way through the movie (which everyone knows is OK here because they have the subtitles in Chinese so they don’t need to listen!) like some of our friends tried to warn us but with only less than 10 of us in a huge movie theater we didn’t get this problem.

The one thing we weren’t expecting is the subtitles in Chinese when James was speaking in French or Spanish (good thing we can understand!) and we were a little lost as in which country James was since the name were in Chinese too… (we’ll have to way and watch the DVD to find out!)

We’ll still try to find a copy (probably just around the corner of the movie theater) so we can watch it again at home!!

My 2day's 2Js, James and Jeffrey

The ticket to prove we DID go to the movie!

Update: We found a copy not the following week end but a few days later on the 14th of November for a whopping 8RMB (yes that’s €0.80 or about $1!)