Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Like "Time" Predicted...

...The USA Has A New President

With all the last two days excitement (Melbourne cup and James Bond) I almost forgot to tell you who won the big prize in the USA election! So in case I’m your only source of information and just like “Time” magazine said a couple months ago …. Obama is the winner. Youhoo!!!

And the winner is...

I had planned to go and take a picture of the newspaper “board” down the street just like for the French election 18 months ago but after wandering around my neighborhood on my bike I realized that they had vanished, probably in the big town clean up for the Olympics. Maybe if I had gone far and beyond my (chic) neighborhood I would have found one!

And just to let you know one of president-elected Obama’s half brother*,Mark Ndesandjo lives in Shenzen, China, teaches piano at an orphanage and runs an Internet company, World Nexus, that helps Chinese companies export to the US.

* Barack Obama Sr fathered 7 sons and 1 daughter by 4 different women!