Sunday, November 16, 2008

Epitome Of...


I was generally unmotivated today and since Jeremy didn’t get to go to the Water Cube Show last night because of a height restriction (post to come) I treated him to a McDonalds lunch today (bad mother I know but once every 3-6 months I wouldn’t call child protection services!). Anyhow thanks to my bad parenting I can write this post because I found that McDonalds in Beijing just started a delivery service (apparently it already existed in Shanghai). So if you are tired of going to McDonalds or even going to the drive-thru, if you leave in Beijing you can call and your Big Mac will be safely delivered to you by a nice gentleman wearing a nice (and heavy?) “Mac” Backpack and riding his “Mac” Electric bike.

If only I knew how to say “Please, bring me a big Mac, with fries and a coke*” in Chinese!

McDonalds Delivery

After a quick search it seems pretty common in Asia (Philippes, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China) all have the service. London and Canada also tried it about 15 years ago but it was short lived.

* 请给我一个巨无霸,一个数条也一个可口可乐 (Qing Gei Wo Yi Ge JuWuBa, Yi Ge ShuTiao Ye Yi Ge KeKouKeLe)