Friday, August 8, 2008


...Which Day It Is!

“08-08-08” marked the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Beijing. At $434 million, it is the second most expensive building US State Department has constructed overseas, behind only the Baghdad embassy compound, in which all embassy personnel live. In order to “out-Chinese” the Chinese, the ceremony began promptly at 8:08am. Ambassador Clark T. Randt delivered the opening remarks, but quickly turned the podium over to former President George H.W. Bush. Father then passed of to son as the current President George Bush took the microphone. State Councilor and Deputy Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo concluded with his thoughts on the major developments in Sino-US relations since Washington recognized the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1972. Each also honored Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was in attendance with his family, for orchestrating Nixon’s historic meeting with Mao Zedong 36 years ago.
In 1979, the Chinese slighted the new U.S. mission by housing them in the defunct embassy for the Republic of Upper Volta—now Burkina Faso. 30 years later, the U.S. mission is moving into the most impressive new embassy in China.

Oh yeah it’s also the opening ceremony of the Olympics games in Beijing. I can believe it’s finally THE date (sight)…. So I will be in front of my TV set at 2.08pm (that’s France time!) to watch the starts of what anybody who has been living in China in the past 7 years is awaiting. Anyway every thing looks better on TV (you can see everything so much better and with commentary you can actually understand (I would have a hard time following the Chinese version). By a twist of faith I will actually be watching the BBC version since I don’t have French TV at home (no terrestrial antenna) but only our satellite dish from when we lived in Scotland… Once again a truly international family, watching the Chinese Olympics Games from France via British TV!.

"largest single construction project undertaken
by the Department of State on foreign soil".
It is ten acres.