Friday, August 22, 2008

Argentina 3, Brazil 0

(August 19th)

Well I normally didn't have anything lined up for tonight but I got a phone call this afternoon from an old buddy I met when we were in Argentina....and I couldn't believe that Maradona would think of me during his visit to Beijing....

So I walked down the Workers Stadium and saw a guy holding up a ticket (Diego couldn't comp me I guess), so I spilled out 2 times the face value (the going rate for scalped tix) and wandered in with my new Chinese friends who sold me the ticket....they bought me a beer though!

It was a great atmosphere and I had a good time explaining to my Chinese neighbors that I was rooting for Argentina because my daughter is Argentinean and I am a permanent resident of Argentina (with Celine of course!). They had a hard time getting that I was American, my wife is French, but our daughter was from Argentina.......oh well, it was good to be a part of it!.

A little bit crowded, no?