Friday, January 5, 2007

We Are Back...

…From Vacation!

It’s been a month now since our last post and we need to get back on that horse and ride write again. So first I hope you had a wonderful holiday and since I’m sure you were all really good, Santa must have been kind with you. New Year has come and gone and the alcohol has been absorbed by your bodies.

On our part we’ve survived the 14 hours flight back (with 14 hours time difference too) and we are almost back to normal. Jeremy still wakes up at 4.30am and want to proceed with his day time activities as normal (i.e plays ball in the apartment for example) and by 6:00am Chloe wants to see if her upstairs girlfriend is ready to play since she’s been up for sooooo long.

So as you can see we are back to normal and we were surprised to find Beijing under a small blanket of white black snow but the temperature are not as bad as everybody warned us about.

Nota Bene
Due to an earthquake in
Taiwan on December 26 that damaged the undersea cable connecting China to the United States, the network has been initially paralyzed and has now disrupted and slowed internet connection. Well that’s a euphemism since the connections are so slow that we are almost regretting the time of dial-up and 56 Kb modem!!!

The congestions were expected to continue for a few days. Sources with China Netcom (CNC) said seven repair ships have been working round-the-clock, but the nature of the undersea terrain and bad weather had combined to slow work. To make matters worse, the extent of the damage to the cables was initially underestimated. And this is my excuse why the posting have been so slow!!