Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Is Coming Early This Year...

Literally since we are six* seven hours ahead of France (home of Celine's parents), twelve (always!) hours of Saint Barth' (home of Celine's sister), thirteen* fourteen hours of Omaha, Nebraska (home of Jeff’s mom) fourteen* fifteen hours of Denver, Colorado (home of Jeff’s dad) and even a whopping fifteen* sixteen hours of San Diego, California (home of Jeff’s brother!)

Well in fact this is all hypothetical since we will be in the States so we will celebrate X-mas later there that we would have if we had stayed where we were!!!! On a bright side it will still be 2006 and China will already be in 2007 (in fact it doesn’t really change anything for them since their big New Year (aka Chinese New Year for you!!!) will be February 19th

Seasons Greetings
to you all!!!

*that all DST is not quite integrated yet since here it’s still GMT+8!!!!!!!