Friday, September 1, 2006

We’ve Made It …. “Home of Tycoons”

By now you must know that we moved from A to B

China is big : 9 596 960 sq km (that’s roughly 3 705 386 sq miles!).

All these sqkms and only one time zone!!! (GMT+8 and no DST). Go figure how people in the western part of the country do being 3 hours behind official time.

There are a lot of people in China (1.3 millions) and
we’ve decided to join the 15 million (officially, a lot more unofficially) that live in Beijing.

As you can see (or not!!) from this Google Earth View,
we are conveniently located only 70 km from the Great Wall

And really close to the Forbidden City and
Tian’AnMen square to name but a few.

And this is our building complex.
If you want to see more pictures of our apartment,
drop us a line and we’ll send you the link to our
web photo album!!!

Well apparently we made it since we are at the
“Home of Tycoons”!!
This is the key badge for our complex : "Seasons Park" or
"Hǎi Shèng Míng Yuàn"
(海晟名苑) as we must call it here !!!