Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hanger Management

No, no you read it right… there is no misspelling. I meant to put that H. I might write another post without the H but for now I want to talk about the business of clothes hanging!!!!

I realized one day that I must have bought more hangers in my entire life than anything else.

Well it’s simple each time we are moving somewhere, this is probably the first thing on the list. You see, we are always asked to move with the essentials (well you don’t put a lot already with 4 m3 worth of personal belongings so you may as well forget about bringing the hangers!!) so as soon as we start to unpack in a new place guess what we need !! So off we go and buy more hangers. That’s already the 7th time for me (Denver, Houston, Paris, Buenos Aires, Aberdeen, Pau and Beijing). I tried them all and I came to the conclusion that they are basically all the same…. doing a pretty good job of hanging my clothes.

And some people think expat life is all about glamour…. Well for us it’s all about Hangers!! And off we go to Ikea because you can never have too many hangers!!

They are finally here!!