Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Already Sick...

...of IKEA

So here’s the deal: we are renting an apartment furnished with modern white/clear wood furniture as per our request when we first visited the apartment and were asked the style we would like (but I’ve already talked about this on a previous post/ I’ll talk more about this in a future post). But when I say furnished it means the essential furniture: table, 6 chairs, sofa, coffee table, TV, beds, cupboards… and now the fun part starts, we have about a week (or 2) to make our apartment a home with an unlimited budget (well not really unlimited, in a reasonable limit, that’s means we are not counting the cents). Well I don’t know if you ever had to buy every little thing you need in a house on a limited time but I can tell you this is not an easy task, it’s usually when you need that one particular item that you realize you don’t have it. So here we are starting another list. And when you start a list that usually ends up in another trip to Ikea!!
What a Rip off!!!
On another note we went to another store called Aika pretty close to Ikea in English already; well it sounds even closer in Chinese since Aika is called 爱家家居 - pronounced “ai jia jia ju” and the Chinese name for Ikea is 宜家家居- pronounced “yi jia jia ju”. . .There is only one character difference…Too close to be honest? I let you be the judge. Somebody call the lawyers!!!!!!!!