Friday, September 29, 2006

…and Carrefour Too!!!

By the way I’m already sick of Carrefour too (for you American friends: Carrefour is the French Walmart -well it’s more like SuperTarget with mostly the food and a little of the extra and without the bad thing behind the scene (or at least a lot less)!!!.

So I am just telling you do NOT go on a Saturday and/or Sunday as it is crazy mad in there. Well I have learned since our escapade that Beijing has the world’s busiest Carrefour just before or after (I’m not 100% sure) Budapest. So imagine when you are doing your shopping back at home and it’s busy (day after Thanksgiving let’s say) well multiply this by 2….or 3 (well there is a lot of Chinese people as everybody knows) and you are not even close to what doing shopping in Carrefour feels like. Oh and let’s not forget that on top of the crowd there are salespeople at every other product (and I mean every other product, that is not just a figure of speech) screaming in a microphone that their product is the best. Well since you don’t understand Chinese yet (remember you only had 1 class probably so far before having to go buy food), I can tell you that you come out of there with a pretty good headache. So I’m warning you do not go to Jialefu 家乐福 (that’s how it is known here) on the weekend!

Did I mention that we did all that with 2 kids in tow….
Note to self:
get that babysitter lined up!

One of the 6 Carrefour in town.

I almost forgot to tell you that there is no parking lot nearby or for so few vehicles that it’s almost laughable!