Thursday, June 26, 2008

Work With Me...


How am I supposed to defend the Elégance à la française and explain, once again, that no we do not usually wear a Béret or Panama Hat.

Stereotypes are hard to beat

The official outfits for the French Olympics team (I’m guessing for the opening and closing ceremony and not for the competition!) have been revealed.
I’m speechless. First of all with Paris being the self proclaimed capital of fashion, with dozen of worldwide known designers they chose the company Elis to outfit our team (when I click on the link of the company because I had no idea who they were I found out that they specialize in “Clean Services in Textile and Hygiene”…. Again what’s going on?). Secondly what’s up with the design, where is the French Elegance…

Another team's outfit that is being talked about on the web as well is the Canadian Athletes (and not good talk!)


As far as the American athlete's outfits, we only know that Polo Ralf Lauren will design them. No photos have been released… only sketches.

Apparently no women in this team!

“Athletes will wear a wardrobe of V-neck tennis sweaters and ties, Polo mesh shirts with the word "Beijing" written in oversized Chinese characters, and cargo pants. The color scheme will be a patriotic palette of red, white, and blue. Polo ponies will also make an appearance on the garments. Additionally, the Olympic logo featured on the new uniforms may include a replica of a crest with stars and stripes used by the 1932 U.S. Olympic team at the Los Angeles Games.

In keeping with Olympic tradition, attire for the opening ceremonies won't be revealed until August 8, the first official day of the festivities."

So secretive... do they think it's a fashion show on top of a sport competition AND China big coming out party.

"The company Elis specialize in work uniforms and corporate fashion and has designed the official outfit for the French delegation of the Olympic Games since 1992." Again.... what's going on?!