Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Number Of The Day...

...… 5,174
(Or Maybe 5,333 I Have Conflicted Statistics!!)

Number of public toilet in Beijing, the capital now has more public toilets than any other city in the world.

Not sure every toilet in the city should qualify for the term toilet!

(not photographed in Beijing)

And because everything must be perfect for August:
“The city also dispatched 8,000 toilet maintenance staff, each responsible for a specific restroom to ensure frequent and thorough cleaning. They also received training in hygiene standards and techniques, Olympic knowledge and practical English expressions!!"

A few months ago a bullet proof toilet (well in fact 8 exist) was unveiled in Zhongguancun plaza. The 800,000 yuan (€80,000 - $100,000) toilet is not only bulletproof but can withstand a 15 ton blast as well

In case of a terrorist attack, look for those ones

For background purpose:
Toilets in the city apparently have a star-rated system: three and four-star bathrooms must have toilet paper available in each individual stall. However, while one and two-star facilities must provide toilet paper, the paper can be located in a central position in the room rather than next to the toilet.

According to archeological discoveries at the Banpo relics site in Xi'an, the first toilet in China can be traced back approximately 5,000 years. We know through similar discoveries that in the Western Zhou Dynasty (BC c1,100-BC c771) and the Warring States Period (BC 475-BC 221), toilets were in common use - simple shafts used by one person or one family. And the toilet in Beijing itself has a history of over 3,000 years, which is as long as the history of the city.