Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Mouse That Is Not...

...Anonymous Anymore

It the year of the rat you would think that his cousin the mouse would be safe in the Middle Kingdom well not so. The beloved proxy known by everyone who set a foot on Chinese soil and realizes that the message “Network Timeout - The server at is taking too long to respond” might have nothing to do with time and more with the great (fire) wall, is no longer accessible.

Since yesterday, the mouse is dead, morte, tot, muerto, kaput, 死的, not available anymore so we need to find another way around, a new proxy which won’t be as convenient as the previous one since Firefox had an add on for an “anonymouse” tool bar right next to the existing one.
So far I found a lot of new proxies which work with some websites and not with others. The latest and more reliable one is…… (The name is the same as that big green superhero from the fictional Marvel Comics and with an org extension!!!)

Bye bye little mouse, it was nice meeting you