Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Counterfeit Cheers...


Aoyun! Jia You! Zhongguo! Jia You!" meaning “(Let’s) Go Olympic! (Let’s) Go China!” but when translated literally is more like "Olympics! Add petrol! China! Add petrol!"

"Go Olympics! Go China!” expresses the Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger) Olympic spirit and is in line with general international principles for cheering, at the same time it encompasses characteristics of Chinese culture."

A committee of official said the simple chants and gestures were designed to help spectators cheer for their favorite athletes in a smooth, civilized manner.

The technical diagram below does its best to demonstrate the complex movements that follow the words:

Chinese Version

If this is too complex for you the BBC have kindly tasked their top designers with simplifying things:

BBC Version

For this vital task BOCOG have teamed up with the Party Office of Spiritual Civilization Development and Guidance (GODPP), the Ministry of Education and CCTV. The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has hired 30 cheering squads at Olympic ventures to show spectators how the gestures are done. The Ministry of Education is also arranging special training sessions in schools for the 800,000 students who are expected to attend the games.

When we went to the Bird’s Nest last month we saw first hand some of the volunteers showing their support and practicing their cheers:

Aoyun! Jia You! Zhongguo! Jia You!