Thursday, May 8, 2008

It Should Be Time...

...To Move

Well not necessarily to another country but to a new place at least if we’d followed our track records!

After a little bit of stress a couple of weeks ago of “are we moving, are we not moving” we finally decided (and because our landlord came to his senses or should I say “caved-in” after having been harassed by our real estate agent) that we were better off staying in our current apartment than moving to another part of the city. Not that it would have been miles away but we like our neighborhood and anyway with Beijing being on the move it’s barely the same neighborhood we moved into 18 months ago. The other apartment was very nice and the building complex pleasant but it might have been too close the “The Place” and my credit card might not have liked it!! However how cool could it have been living in “Central Park” that would have been quite flashy on my business card!.

Oh well we are breaking the rule of thumb of moving every 2+ years (not moving into a different country but at least into a new home) since I haven’t lived more than 2.5 years in the same place in the last 15+ years (1 year in Denver, 1 year in Houston, 1 year in Grenoble, 2 years in Paris, 1 year in Montpellier, 2 years in Paris (different apartment), 2.5 years in Buenos Aires, 4.5 in Aberdeen (but 2.5 years in one house and 2 years in a different one), 1 year in Pau) unless the company surprise us and ask us to move at the end of the year (that would be a very bad surprise!) we are here until the summer 2009, so I can tell you all about the after-Olympics !