Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Getting Hot...

...In Here (Part II)

Love the burning thermometer
Heat + humidity + pollution = hell in Beijing!

38°C/100°F not that it is unusual for this time of the year but what took most of us by surprise is that until today the temperature were below what we had been used to for Beijing in May.
So after my previous post on “How To Know It’s Spring Time” let’s see “How To Know It’s Summer Time”:

  • Men show their mid-riff and usually half of one leg. The latest men fashion… so hot!
  • More and more people seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to walk outside in their pajamas. Taking a late afternoon (an early morning, mid morning or early afternoon for that matter) stroll in one’s pj is not really a fashion faux pas it is in fact THE thing to do here!!
  • People get their umbrellas out. It doesn’t rain a lot in Beijing (well apart from this year!) so they have to use them somehow, protection from the sun seems an excellent choice.
  • Nylon socks are out…worn with sandals otherwise it wouldn’t be fashionable!
  • Over sleeve to avoid unwanted tan lines
  • The Dark Vador look… so last this year
  • Pollution mask…365 days a year but even more necessary at this time of the year

Beijing at its best