Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Day...

...Another Festival

Today it’s the 5.25 (May 25th that is!) or in Chinese “wu er wu” (五二五) which is phonetically close to “wo ai wo” (我爱我) meaning Me/Love/Me

Apparently this was going around via SMS and since my phone isn’t compatible with Chinese characters I didn’t notice it (I get little square instead) but I wouldn’t have been able to read it anyway.

今天是"5.25""我爱我"的日子!真心提醒:累了,就好好休息; 错了,别埋怨自己; 烦了,是考验自己; 时刻牢记,"我爱我自己"!.

jinnian shi “5.25” “wo ai wo” de ri zi ! zhen xin ti xing; lei le, jiu hao hao xiu xi; cuo le, bie mai yuan zi ji ; fan le, shi kao yan zi ji ; shi ke lao ji, “wo ai wo zi ji”!.

Which basically say that today is May 25 the day of “I love myself”. If you are tired; rest, if you make mistake; don’t complain, if you have problems; it’s a test, always hold on your heart and love yourself.