Saturday, May 17, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I Do...

...Or The Chinese take on Fakes!

When it strikes home this is not the same. While a huge amount of markets with fake luxury goods and pirated DVDs operate in plain view all around Beijing, the Chinese authority doesn’t joke around when it comes to the counterfeit of the Olympics Games Emblems.

“The protection of Olympic-related intellectual property rights (IPR) will be a key job of Beijing's law-enforcement agencies […. If any infringement of the Olympic-related IPR, especially in the patent area, happens in an enterprise, the emergency response system will be in action and our patent law-enforcement personnel will come to the scene in 24 hours to solve the problem, after receiving complaints or reports though phone calls," he said. The protection of the Olympic-related copyright is an important area of the Beijing Copyright Administration, said vice director Wang Yefei. Meanwhile the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce is taking measures to crack down on sales of counterfeit Olympic merchandise and is mobilizing the general public to take part in the Olympic-related IPR protection, said an administration official. […] On the basis of reports and tips from consumers, the industrial and commercial administration departments recently have traced and dealt with a number of cases involving counterfeit Olympic products and forged anti-fake labels attached to such products.”

Apparently the informant or “snitch” will perceive 5% of the fines paid by the offender. The highest award could reach 100,000 rmb (€9,300 or $14,500).