Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where Is It Already...

...T1bet or Nep@l?

I found this at the beginning of the month but didn’t have time to post it. Thank god Americans take the situation in T1bet, I mean Nepal seriously!

CNN doesn't know where Switzerland is, so I guess you cannot expect President Bush's National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley to know where T1bet is, can you?

"President Bush's National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley appeared on ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos and repeatedly confused Nepal and T1bet. Discussing how Bush has "no reason not to go" to this summer's Olympic games in Beijing and how boycotting them would be wrong, Hadley discussed the outcry over T1bet and the US response, only he kept saying Nepal.
"If countries are really concerned about Nepal, we shouldn't have this sort of non-issue of opening ceremonies or not. They should do the hard work of quiet diplomacy to urge the Chinese government -- in their interest -- to take advantage of this opportunity to do something," Hadley said.
He went on, "The way to deal with the issue of Nepal is not by some -- a statement that you're not going to the opening ceremonies and say, therefore, I checked the Nepal box."
And it didn't end there. "What he's doing on Nepal is what we think the international community ought to be doing, which is approaching the Chinese privately through diplomatic channels and sending a very firm message of concern for human rights, a concern for what's happening in Nepal, urging the Chinese government to understand that it is in their interest to reach out to representatives of the D@l@i L@m@, and to show, while the whole world is watching China, that they are determined to treat their citizens with dignity and respect. There is an opportunity here."

Nepal, which shares a border with T1bet and which is an independent constitutional monarchy, has about 29 million people, is 10% Buddhist and is not the home of the D@l@i L@m@.
Video of the horrendous gaffe.