Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smoking banned...

...In Day Care Centers!
...But Not In Restaurants Anymore.

Sometime you take things for granted… such as no smoking in day care centers, well not in China!

China toughens smoking ban in schools before Games
“China has further tightened smoking restrictions -- targeting schools and day care centres -- as it extends a crackdown linked to its pledge to hold a smoke-free Olympics. Last month, Beijing formally pledged to restrict smoking in most public venues in the city, including government offices and public transport, beginning on May 1.
In a separate move reported on Wednesday, China ordered primary schools, secondary schools and day care centres across the country to prohibit even designated smoking zones, an effort to promote 'non-smoking campuses' ahead of the Games. […] In October, China banned smoking in taxis”

Restaurants exempt from smoking ban
”Beijing restaurants, bars and Internet cafes have been exempted from a proposed smoking ban at public venues in response to concerns expressed by business owners.
The venues will only be asked to separate smoking and non-smoking areas from May 1 as part of the new regulation. It was reported on March 29 that a strict smoking ban from May 1 would expand to bars, restaurants and Internet cafes. But the amended rule means only government offices, schools, museums; hospitals and sports venues will be designated smoke-free areas.

And in case you want some restaurants owners to get busted for letting their costumers smoke in the non-smoking area, here’s the phone number: 12320!. The fine will be 5,000¥ for the restaurant owner. Smokers can also be fine 10¥

China is the world's largest cigarette producer, and Chinese are the world's most enthusiastic smokers, with a growing market of about 320 million smokers making it a magnet for multinationals and a focus of international health concern.