Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning...

...Before The Olympics

It’s a sad day… we are in mourning. In preparation for the Olympics, Beijing has been doing some spring cleaning and one of the cleaning up has targeted the DVDs stores (pirated DVDs that is…. But is there any other kind in China?!). So yesterday we were walking near a market (aka temple of “knock-off”) and saw that a DVD shop we went to from time to time was still open. As we ventured inside and after a few minutes of trying to locate foreign films, the clerk approached and asked us if we wanted DVDs…. We were then taken to a back room full of the precious treasure to which we have been accustomed. We felt a little naughty: It felt like going to the “adult section” room at you local DVD rental (not that I would know of course!).

The store we were going to regularly had a notice a few days ago “Thank you for your support. For some reasons, we are closing” : that’s pretty explicit!

Jacky Chang is against piracy!

The funny part is that I took this picture in front of Xiushui - 秀水 (Silk Market or "Temple of Knock-off"!)