Sunday, April 13, 2008


...But Why?

Celine (Dion that is, not me!) was supposed to perform at the Workers’ Stadium and I had prepared the following post. But the concert has now been postponed canceled and conflicting claims are emerging, adding intrigue and mystery to the whole thing.

“Chinese media outlets are insisting that the singer chose to cancel the date due to illness. Yet the Western media is painting a completely different picture, saying that the problem stems from claims that organizers did not get the proper paper work in to perform at Beijing’s Workers Stadium. Emma Ticketmaster is saying Dion had postponed the concert at the 64,000-seat Workers Stadium due to concern that Beijing’s sandstorms could affect her recovery from a recent throat infection.”

So here is my pre-written post!

Celine... But Why?

Well because

  • it’s in China;
  • it’s in Beijing,
  • it’s at the Workers’ Stadium*,
  • and I wanted to show my appreciation because she made my life so much easier in the States once she became famous there… all of a sudden they knew how to spell my name: no more “Saline”, “Sailing” or whatever ingenious way they try to spell it!
  • Last but not least wouldn't it be fun to hear million thousand of Chinese sing…’and my hearrrrrrrrrrt will go ooooooonnnnnnnnn)

* it’s just next door to our apartment complex…we can see our building from the Workers Stadium. While navigating the web I found this site and you can see our building in one of the pictures (6th picture).

My hair looks like that when I skip the blow-drying!

And to round up this post, here’s a quiz that appeared in one of the magazine:

What reason did Celine Dion give for “postponing” her Beijing show?

  1. Sandstorms
  2. A passionate encounter with Richard Gere in the mid '80s
  3. A sore throat
  4. No indoor venue was available
  5. She wanted to go to Xi'an instead

I really hesitate between 2 and 5.