Sunday, March 11, 2007

Queue Date

俳队日 Pai2 Dui4 Ri4

Just to let you know about another interesting fact on living in Beijing….
Beijing is attempting of fighting queue-jumping by launching a “Queuing Day” on the 11th of each month. The measure actually began last month and the date was not chosen by chance, it was described and symbolizing 2 persons queuing. The objective is to present the locals and the Chinese capital on their best behavior for the Olympics.

Only on the 11th?

What I want to know is which day is “Wait Until I’m Out Of The Elevator/Bus/Subway Before You Can Get In” day?

I, myself, prefer the 先下后上(xian xia hou shang*) way to the 先上后下(xian shang hou xia**) way

*first get out then get in - ** first get in then get out