Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Own MasterCard Commercial*

...And The Visa Version??!!

  • Taxi Chauffeur at my disposal: Mianfei (0€-0$)
  • Social Coffee with friends at the International Newcomers Network: 20 RMB (2€-3$)
  • “Let’s Do Lunch Group” at a Delicious and Quaint French Restaurant (with 7 friends): 70 RMB (7€-9$)
  • Pedicure and Manicure with 2 friends: 80 RMB (8€-10$)
  • Pick up my new hand-made cashmere coat: 800 RMB (80€-100$)
  • Taxi Chauffeur back to the apartment: Mianfei (0€-0$)
  • Latest Oscar-Winning Movie (already on DVD here!) at a Private Theater (aka Home!) with hubby: 10 RMB (1€-2$)
  • Another Relaxing day in the Desperate Expat Housewife’s Life: Priceless

NB 1: This is of course a parody and not a typical day….it’s usually spread out over the week it just happened that today everything was concentrated in one day!!

NB 2: I also have deliberately omitted the other side of the story (because there are always two sides of a story, aren’t there?) so another version of the Mastercard Commercial (the Visa Commercial?!!) could go something like this:

  • My Blog (and other websites) once again blocked by the “Great (Fire)Wall”
  • Another day of pollution (6.5 days out of 7 this week)
  • Barely escaping another spitting projectile from a Chinese man
  • Not daring going to the toilet for fear of another encounter with a squat toilet
  • Not understanding a word of what they are saying
  • Feeling like a 4 y.o. for not being able to read any signs on the streets, restaurants, etc
  • Choosing dishes in the restaurant because the photo looks good
  • Being too many miles/kms away from parents, sisters, brothers, friends…
  • No price, it sucks but would I change my life???….probably not, always be happy with what you’ve got.

* I have seen a similar post on a Blog a while back and though it was funny so I took the idea and run with it!!