Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Great (Fire)Wall of China

...Censored or Not Censored

Blogspot (thus C²J² Suiter) has been blocked for the better part of the month which in itself is not really pleasant but on the other hand gave me an idea of a post…you take the inspiration where you can!!

No access today either

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Not long after one arrives in China (or any other country that has restricted access to the net for that matter) one learns to look for alternatives to bypass the control. Anomymouse is one of those web-based proxy sites that was originally developed to allow internet users to surf the web without revealing any personal information. In China it’s used to look at web pages that are banned by the great fire wall, and I’m not talking about web pages that you could be embarrassed about. For example the free encyclopedia Wikipedia is 99% of the time censored and my friend Blog is permanently blocked… well I’m sure that the title “Blonde in Beijing” doesn’t help!!!

What would I do without you

China operates the most extensive, technologically sophisticated, and broad-reaching system of internet filtering in the world," according to a recent report by the OpenNet Initiative. Highly sophisticated filters can block up to 500,000 ISPs simultaneously, leave some parts of a website accessible while blocking others, and make e-mails disappear. Tech surveillance is backed up with the human kind: Thousands of state employees are thought to monitor web traffic.