Thursday, March 15, 2007

Knot or Not Knot...

...Chinese Knot Tying

I had already done a few outings with the Chinese Cultural Club that I’d enjoyed, so today with some of my friends (Kim, Paige and Alicia not to name them) we went to a Chinese Knot Tying class.

These are some of the pieces the experts that were teaching us can make:

Their expertise

We were not about to try our hand on these complex knots. For our first attempt we will only do a simple knot the one you find in every store in Beijing. Well, let me tell you that I will probably not bargain anymore when I want to buy one because they look like they are easy to make but believe me they are not.

And this is my try of the simple Chinese knot…and I got a lot of help to make it this “beautiful”

My expertise