Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beijing's Sky Is Crying

...Over Our Departure!

At around noon the sky seemed like it couldn’t hold all the tears anymore and started to cry. Maybe in an attempt to show us and remind us how it feels like to live in a country when it can be very dark in the middle of the day (in the winter because in the summer we’ll barely see a dark sky) Beijing was plunged into darkness.
The Sky is Falling - Part II
(almost to the day, 2 years later)

The meteorological Bureau of Beijing said that the capital city is experiencing its longest period of rainfall. [...]
The humidity in the city exceeded 95 percent. Visibility in some areas in the city was lower than 300 meters in the morning [...]
The city's average rainfall was 14 millimeters in the 24 hours. The heaviest rain was in the northeast part of Beijing, which had 68 millimeters.