Friday, March 6, 2009

How To Win...

...According To Jeremy

Jeremy’s soccer team wasn’t winning so mid-game he changed his jersey and told everybody he switched teams… it was that simple! What do you expect from a team of 4-5 year olds?

What’s important is that Jeremy is having a great time and Thursday is now his new favorite day of the week (any school day is really his favorite day with Saturday and Sunday probably being the least favorites … French school on Saturday and no ayi on Sunday!).

Anyway their coach is teaching them the fundamentals of football (that’s soccer for my American readers!), which are

  • Kick the ball
  • Don’t pick up the ball
  • If you are in the same team, don’t take the ball from your team mate
  • Sending the ball in your own goal doesn’t help your team score, don’t try to argue!
  • Really you are not supposed to pick up the ball
  • Do not stop every 2 minutes for snack or water
  • To Jeremy he should have added: You cannot switch team mid-game no matter how badly you are losing!

All in all it is good physical exercise for the kids and parents get to compete with each other to see who can yell the loudest: KICK THE BALL, KICK IT KICK IT KIIIIIIIIIIIIICK IT.

The new Beckham