Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Since Celine* Didn't Come...

...I'll Go See Kylie!

Last night, me and 6,000 of my closest friends (a good mix of Westerners and Chinese) went to see 凯丽米洛- Kai2 Li4 Mi2Luo4 at Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium.

The world’s finest derriere, dressed in Jean-Paul Gaultier, started her concert at 8:02 (first time I went to a concert which started on time!) and opened for herself (like that I was sure to be in my bed by midnight!). The show was incredible. The audience ranged from young children with parents to older ones (I place myself halfway in between these two populations).

“In the first half of concert the crowd seems coolly detached with the entire auditorium seated and the dancing was limited to almost imperceptible head bobs and the odd hand clap but by the end of the show the entire auditorium was on its feet, waving its hands in unison and dancing like it’s been transported to the 80’s”

She even said the obligatory few words in the language where the concert is performed. She was apparently happy to be here: Jintian, wo hen gaoxing

the photo that prove I was there

* that’s Celine Dion, not me!