Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Camera, Smile...


December means one thing if you have kids: Christmas show school performances.

When you may think it must not be easy for the kids to perform in front of an audience (no matter how won over they are from the beginning –they are the parents/grandparents/relatives after all) the toughest part of the night is played by those same parents because let me tell you something: It’s war. The best paparazzi in Hollywood must be parents and have learned their craft on those school performances. There are some pushing and pulling from everybody to take the best pictures of their prodigies (or someone else for that matter –you never know there might be the next Oscar’s winner in those budding actors). So no matter what the directions from the headmaster have been (no flashes, nobody on the aisles, etc…), it’s kill or be killed and it can feel like Oscar’s night on the red carpet in schools around the world when you see parent’s behavior as soon as you give them a camera/video. I’ve witnessed more bad behaviors from the parents than from the kids (the smaller the kids the worst behave the parents ).

Good thing that the kids don’t give an acceptance speech or it would go somewhere like this:

“I would like to thanks my parents without whom I wouldn’t be here in (insert the country) today, my ayi for raising me while my parents are out taking full advantage of their time in the city, my driver for countless waiting hours, my school friends who welcomed me unconditionally when I arrived in the middle of the school year and let’s not forget my teachers and teacher assistants for their undivided patience while I’m developing my craft. Thank you, Thank you”

Tough crowd!

It doesn't matter because I am the mother of the futur(s) Oscar's winner(s) of course!