Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Getting Cold...

...In Here!

The Beijing Bureau of Meteorology released an alert at 5pm yesterday - the first of its kind since 2004 - warning of a "cold wave" that will result in temperatures in the capital plummeting to -9°C overnight. According to the forecast, force 5 to 6 north winds will begin buffeting the city tonight and during the day tomorrow the temperature is unlikely to rise above 0 ℃. According to authorities, the cold front will only affect Beijing for the next couple of days and temperatures are likely to rebound over the weekend. That said, they're unlikely to reach the relatively mild temperatures we've been experiencing lately.


According to the Chinese agricultural calendar, this Sunday (December 7th) is the seasonal marker of “Da4 Xue3 -大雪” (major snow) . It will be the major snow season of snowstorms in full swing. The “daxue” will be followed but this jie qui (seasonal segments):

  • December 22: Dong1 Zhi4 - 冬至 or Winter Solstice (winter extreme)
  • January 6: Xiao3 Han2 - 小寒 or Minor Cold (cold start to become unbearable)
  • January 20: Da4 Han2 - 大寒 or Major Cold (coldest time of the year).