Monday, February 11, 2008


...Part I

So we are back from another trip. Yes it’s only been a month since our last “adventure” but I promise no more exotic trips for a while; next time “exotic” will come to us since my sister and her family will pay us a visit from St Barth (if you don’t know where it is, just open any gossip magazine and you will probably see at least a few celebrities lazing on its beach in the winter when they are tired of skiing in Aspen in the States or Gstaad in Switzerland and waiting to catch some rays in St Tropez in July/August).

Well back to me since it ain’t my sister’s Blog, is it? … While south of China was strangled by heavy snow (they apparently hadn’t seen that in 50 years) and the chaos that followed with the departure of millions of Chinese trying to go back to their home towns and family for the Chinese New Year holiday (a real institution here) we decided to escape the craziness of Chunjie (Spring Festival or Chinese New Year as it is known here) and migrate to Koh Samui in Thailand. Before showing you some pictures I would like to give you a brief geography lesson on the area because I cannot trust CNN and their maps for that*!!

In red: china (ie our home for the last 18 months)
In green: Vietnam (ie our xmas vacation)
In Blue: Thailand!!

In Blue: Bangkok & Phuket (for reference)
In Red: Koh Samui

Next post: The Suiter’s in Koh Samui. Because I’ve already talked wrote too much on this one.

*Europe and France by CNN:

What's it NOT supposed to look like

What it's supposed to look like