Saturday, February 16, 2008

Since We Are On The Subject...

...Not that Valentine OR playboy has anything to do with the following but:

Condoms no longer evidence of prostitution in China (as of December 2007)
"Now police departments at all levels no longer take condoms as the proof of illegal sex activities in entertainment venues" said Han Mengjie, secretary of the National Center for AIDS Control and Prevention
All hotels in Beijing will be required to provide condoms in every room by the end of next year, though so far they are only available in 133 hotels out of 700 in Beijing, according to local government statistics.

And we all know what they do with used condoms!

There are even fake beauty salons!! (Reuters, Sept. 2007):
Beijing has launched a month-long crackdown on unlicensed beauty parlours and other common fronts for prostitution and gambling to sanitise the city ahead of a key Communist Party meeting next month.
Unregistered karaoke bars and bathhouses would also be targeted in a blitz across the city launched by 11 government departments, Friday's Beijing News reported.
"One third of the prostitutes detained by police in Beijing this year have come from these illegal beauty parlours," the paper quoted an unnamed police official as saying. "These salons make up 50 percent of all the prostitution dens in Beijing."
Police have also instructed China's growing ranks of property owners not to rent out their homes to people who "stay out late" and have "irregular lifestyles", the China Daily said in a separate report
The advice comes a week after Shanghai housing authorities drafted rules urging landlords not to rent rooms to unmarried couples and gays.(…) Other campaigns have included stripping highways of billboard advertisements for luxury goods that might fuel discontent among Beijing's poor, and cleansing local airwaves of "vulgar" and unpatriotic content.