Friday, January 4, 2008

We Are Addicted To D...

...No, Not That.. Only DVDs!

We always liked the movies but it’s at an all new level now!!

Previously to our move we had heard about the pirated DVDs available in China, but what we didn’t imagine before coming here was how easily obtainable they were. We first thought that we would have to go to places we thought we never go to find them… how wrong we were! There are at every street corner (literally) and shops are there in plain view. I can even find them at my local “expat” supermarket!

So after watching more movies we ever thought possible (sometime the day of their release, thanks to copy of the Academy Award or copy of a projection at a movie theater –silhouette non optional!) we are now into television series. A full season (i.e 22-24 episodes) watched in the space of about a week. I am not sure I will ever be able to watch a series which runs over a period of several months (and I not even talking about the reruns!) ever again.

With a tag price of about ¥10 to 15 (€1 to 1.5 or $2) for a movie and ¥100 (€10 or $15) for one season of the series, and that’s because we prefer to splurge and have good copies (ie without shaky image, silhouette or change of language in the middle of the movie), our collection is growing exponentially by the day!

Not all master pieces!