Thursday, December 7, 2006

Chinese: Check...

…Let's Do Russian

So we’ve been here 3 ½ months now and bargaining in Chinese it’s pretty much down to perfection. It goes somewhere like this:

  • Me: 这个要多少钱 - zhe ge yao duo shao qian ? (this/need/how much/money)
  • Lady: Very good price for you, 300
  • Me: 我不露有我住在北京 - wo bu luyou, wo zhu zai Beijing (me/not/tourist/me/live/beijing)
  • Lady: Special price for you because you speak good Chinese, 100
  • Me: 我给你十 - Wo gei ni 10 (me/give/you/10)
  • Lady: You are killing me, 80
  • Me: OK 15
  • Lady: 50
  • Me: Here’s 20, do you want my 20 or not?
  • Lady: Ok Ok 20. I swear I don’t make any money on this one.
  • Me: Yeah right… So don’t sell it to me!
  • Lady: Here’s my card… come back. Always good price for you.

So I've decided to challenge myself a little and go to the Russian market.

How thoughtful of them, they translated the Chinese Characters!!!

The only problem I had in this market was that they kept on speaking to me in Russian. I know I’m not the Asian type but... Russian ?!!