Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look Who Paid Us A Visit...

French President Jacques Chirac (or 希拉克 - Xi La Ke as he is known here!) was in town on his 4th official visit to China. During his stay in Beijing, Chirac held talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao and met with Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Zu Bangguo and Premier Zen Jiabao. Hu and Chirac signed a joint statement and 14 cooperation agreements ranging from aviation (Airbus SAS, the world biggest plane maker, landed deals worth more than US$10 billion, selling 170 jets to Chinese airlines and building a factory in Tianjin), nuclear power utilization to prevention of infectious diseases. Chirac also visited Wuhan, capital city of central China’s Hubei Province and attended a ceremony there to mark the start of construction of a second PSA Peugeot-Citroen factory. On the last leg of his 4-day visit, Chirac visited local history museums in Xi'an. (Source and Photo: China Daily)

Guess Who is Who?!!

While Chirac is working…

... Bernadette is taking a tricycle tour around HouHai
to get a taste of the life in
Beijing’s hutongs

And for the little anecdote as reported by China Daily:
Amiability is certainly not a universal trait among politicians, but French President Jacque Chirac is an exception at least in the eyes of many Chinese, as a recent street talk by China Daily showed.
"When I was in France, I saw Chirac wave to people kindly, and even stoop down to shake hands with bystanders," said Zhang Qiao, a 26-year-old office lady in Beijing who studied in France for three years. "To me, he is just like a lovely neighbourhood grandpa."
For soccer fan Zhao Kui in Shanghai, the scene of President Chirac yelling and waving at the final match of the 1998 World Cup was so impressive that he personally considers Chirac the most genial leader of all.

On another side note and you know how much I like Jialefu (?!) well 2 post in less in 2 months if that’s not love…Well I really want to make sure you get all the facts (!!!):
Today, Carrefour was opening its 1000th hypermarket in Tong Zhou; a Beijing suburb. It’s the 7th store in the capital and the 84th in China. The opening took place while the French president Jacques Chirac was on his official visit to China (but he didn’t attend, what a shame!).Apparently 2 fire trucks were on site since there were a few collapse incidents!!!