Sunday, October 29, 2006

It’s GMT+8 and It Stays That Way!!!

It was very simple: we were 6 hours ahead of Celine’s parents in France. Basically we were having lunch when they were having breakfast and when they were finally catching up with us and having lunch we were already on dinner!!

We were 13 hours ahead of Jeff’s parents in Omaha, Nebraska (USA!) which is kind of tricky because it not a “round” number like 12 hours. So for them it was more like: you sleep, I don’t. I sleep, you don’t!!

But now all this has been thrown out of the window, because of that DST, which stands for Daylight Savings Time. So now France is 7 hours behind us and Omaha is 14 hours behind. Which is NOT easy to remember and I’m sure by the time I have it all figured out DST will be back.

The only constant point of reference in my mini-jet lag is St Barth (where lil’ sis lives) which does not do the DST so it’s still a good and easy 12 hours time difference. I get up when they go to sleep (I’m a late riser and they are early to bed) and when I go to sleep they are at the beginning of their day (the day that I just lived!!!).

PS: Does it mean that I will get a year older a full 6 hours before I was supposed to?

At least we are sure of one thing, Beijing Olympic Games are in exactly: