Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Complicated...

...Or Is It?

My life isn’t complicated compared to the other members of this family.

I realized this once more when I was filling out those little immigration cards (for the entire family might I add!) on our last flight (twice in a matter of fact: once to get in Thailand for our stopover and another time before we arrived in Cambodia). SO, as I was saying, with me my details are simple: Place of Birth: France, Nationality: French. The only complicated bit is that I have to remember not to forget to write my official first name first (Isabelle then Celine and not the other way around –but that's a long story that has no place here!), then my maiden name and finally my married name. Otherwise they get all confused at the immigration desk when the names don't exactly match. (We officially keep both names in France; even if on the day-to-day basis we can choose to use only our married name).

But the purpose of this post was how complicated the details of the other members of this family were. You see with my kids and husband not only do I have to remember in which country they were born (different for each of them) but also which passport they are traveling with (technically it could be up to 3 for Chloe). It's also difficult for my husband since the transcript of his birth place for the French passport was not well done (it's complicated too!!). I have to double check each time to make sure I write it the right way…

The good thing about having all these different passports (at least for them!) is that you'll always have one that allows you to go to some countries without a visa. And no it's not the US one. The French one comes handy most of the time, especially in South America… It might have been the reason why Jeffrey decided to apply for one (!). It does make the traveling and working in Europe far more easy too.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo