Monday, January 12, 2009

Deep Down, Beijing Really...

...Wants To Be Paris!

These red bicycles seem to be popping out at every corner of the streets… I haven’t seen anyone ride any of them yet. I didn’t find anything anywhere that can explain this sudden explosion of bikes and I didn’t get a chance to ask around either. Well maybe we can find out when our next guests are coming… Andrea, Adam do you want to ride a bike in Beijing?

Velib' in red

In another part of Beijing, I drove past this new hotel (well it opened for the Olympics) and noticed that the building had a Parisian (Haussmann) kind of feel.

Grand Paris Pekin

The Legendale Hotel Beijing has 390 luxury rooms including 81 suites, 79 opulent serviced apartments and 126 private residential apartments. Inspired by the palatial architecture of Southern Europe, the hotel’s exterior is filled with neo-classical style. The multiple-domed roof is topped with decorative turrets is reminiscent of an elegant 19th century building in downtown Paris. The breathtaking hotel lobby features a 17-story atrium. Gilded staircases wind skywards, creating a theatre-like ambiance, with elaborate balconies at each level. Mirroring the loftiness of the entrance, the elegant design of the guestrooms and suites are amongst the most elegance in Beijing. With stylish decorations and high ceilings, the hotel rooms feature an abundance of natural light and generous floor space. Imported from Europe, antique furniture and decorations are featured throughout the hotel to create a truly opulent and neo-classical ambiance. Fabrics are rich in texture and color, creating an elegant and instantly-tactile experience. (