Friday, July 4, 2008

It Might Be Easier To Get...

...A Gold Medal Than A Visa!

We are out the door to go to France for our summer vacation and in the light of the latest China’s let’s-come-up-with-some-new-rules-for-the-Olympics, we are sure happy that our visas are in order.

“In recent weeks there has been a lot of confusion and discussion about the rules for applying for a Chinese visa. Although few public announcements have been made, more and more stories have emerged from people having difficulty in getting hold of a visa. In particular (short stay working) ‘F’ visas have been tough to come by. […]
In fact it may be easier to get some running spikes and work on making one qualifying for an Olympic team.
No such worries will befall families of athletes, who will not require a visa to enter China. Maybe a solution is to marry an athlete…?
These restrictions seem like a very effective way of deterring and alienating potential visitors to China’s showcase. […]
On a final lighter note, Danwei has summarized BOGOC’s guidelines about the kinds of foreigners who will not be welcome in China for the Olympics as:
“No hookers, pimps, dealers, terrorists, activists, revolutionaries, missionaries, demonstrators, pornographers, gun nuts, maniacs, sufferers of mental diseases, carriers of infectious diseases, poisonous snake collectors, beggars or drunkards.”