Sunday, July 20, 2008

Are We Even...

...Or Odd?

The question on everybody’s mind in Beijing today.

From July 20 to September 20, the odd and even license plate number system will operate to ease traffic pressure during the Olympic and Paralympic games. Authorities hope the regulations will take 45 per cent of the city's 3.29 million cars off the road and reduce emissions from vehicles by 63 per cent, officials told a news conference. Cars will be banned on alternate days depending on whether their number plates end in odd or even numbers. Those affected by the ban will be compensated by not having to pay road or vehicle taxes for three months, costing the city about 1.3 billion yuan (€ 130/$189 million).

Frankly right now I don’t really care since I can drive, drive, drive whenever and wherever I want!.

On a side note: When we first learned about the odd and even system, Jeffrey was wondering how they would decide which one will drive which day. When I told him that wouldn't it be easier to let the odd number plates drive on odd days and even number plates on even days, I swear I saw a light bulb on top of his head.....sometime I wonder!