Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sex Doesn't Sell...

...In China

Rumor has it in recent days that Tang Wei ("Lust, Caution" lead actress) has been banned by the Chinese broadcasting administration.

“She has been reportedly banned from Chinese screens since March 5, when various Chinese TV station executives received an order instructing them to stop reporting on the actress and to exclude all the commercials featuring her.
The speculation circulating on the web guesses that the ban may have something to do with the Lust, Caution, an "un-patriotic" and "erotic" feature film directed by Ang Lee.
Last Friday China's regulators reiterated the criteria for censorship, saying that films with explicit sex and fear-provoking elements must be cut or revised before release.
The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said in a notice on its website that the move was intended to purify screen entertainment and create a more harmonious and healthy film environment for the public.
Rumors indicate that Tang Wei and Lust, Caution may be the first target.”

Can you imagine if Hollywood applied the same ban…. There would be not a lot of commercials!!