Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mark Your Calendar

...Once Again!

I should have written this post last month since it was first implemented in February but I had already talked about “no-spit day” and I didn’t want to overload you with numbers!

So the “big bosses” have come up with a new plan to make the Olympics and Beijingers as civilized as possible (not sure what will happen after August!). Starting last month, the 22nd of each month is “Share Your Seat Day”. The number 22 (二二 - er er) is similar to RR, which stands for sharing (让让- Rang Rang), and the shape of 22 somewhat resembles a seat.

So from now on I’m supposed to queue in an orderly matter (on the 11th), share my seat in public transportation with the people that need them most (on the 22nd) and not spit (no specific date set yet). I guess I’m lucky I still have 27 (28 some months) to be as rude as I want: spit while not queuing and certainly not giving my seat to this 100+ year old woman!! Not a bad deal after all. Anyway, it’s a good thing there aren’t 33 days in a month or they would have to come up with a new brilliant idea.

PS: it seems that they come up with those ideas only in February (11 February 2007 was the start of the “Queue day” campaign and now this year 22 February 2008 the “sharing seat” campaign.) I predict that in February 2009 the new campaign will be: “Do what the heck you want... nobody is watching us anymore!”"